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Mandalanath, an elemental spirit I chanced into yesterday during meditation, and painted in watercolor.  I say “elemental” but Mandalanath is capable of moving as any element, earth, air, fire, water, aether, light, and consciousness.  Mandalanth teaches knowledge of organic, rather … Continue reading

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Dark Night of the Soul

Have been going through a process for the last several months.  It’s hard to write about, and even though it’s a topic probably more suited to Radiant Spleen, I wrote about it a little at my Wooliverse Blog, where I … Continue reading

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Al Gore came to me last night in a dream. And as is his style, he lectured me for hours, showing me in painful detail rainfall and temperature charts from all over the world. Like an angel sent by God, … Continue reading

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Light and Dark

Yesterday I shared to Facebook a link to this blog, a place for my art and poetry which explores both the light and dark in the pursuit of living consciously.  But, because the subject matter of the specific post was … Continue reading

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Evocation of Yog Sothoth

Yog Sothoth opens the gate, salivating the Old Gods step through. The indolent herd, fat and ripe, has forgotten its stories, the thread to self, the last defense dissolved in recrimination and the blood will stream into thickening rivers as … Continue reading

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