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Explore For the Sake of Exploration

“Explore” 9×12 Watercolor by PJ . Finished between my morning hatha class, and the restorative class I teach in the evening. I mention this because the theme of my classes this week has been “Explore for the sake of exploration, … Continue reading

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Having a Blue Day

Lonely but not alone, deeply feeling the world…and it confounds me. No tears or rain yet still my head runs like diluted ink. Each day passes like years, each year passing in a day. I have no idea how best … Continue reading

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Evocation of Yog Sothoth

Yog Sothoth opens the gate, salivating the Old Gods step through. The indolent herd, fat and ripe, has forgotten its stories, the thread to self, the last defense dissolved in recrimination and the blood will stream into thickening rivers as … Continue reading

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