Haiku a Day #24

Haiku a Day #24
Tired of haiku yet? The project is almost over, six more days to go. I suspect we’ll all be glad.
I have found it beneficial in writing and poetry to explore darkness, but one of the things I love about haiku is that it usually brings out my lightness and appreciation for beauty, and for beautiful moments. Sometimes in haiku there’s also the hidden melancholy or tragedy inside the beauty, but speaking to that is still elevating in the way it unites us in the complexity of the human experience.
Doing this every day, there was bound to be one of those days, and today is that day. During the course of this project, most days have yielded more than one Haiku, even though I’m only sharing one a day. Today I couldn’t find my warm and fuzzy no matter how hard I tried. So I warn you, don’t read on if you don’t like bummer material. I decided it would be interesting to just post today all six of this morning’s Haiku. Most of them are quite bad, as well. But sometimes that’s the process. Like falling out of Half-Moon balance pose in a yoga class, you just have to be present with what is happening that day, and keep on making your best effort without attachment to the results.
The very first haiku is about feeling creatively drained, and it just gets worse from there. A nod to Monty Python’s The Holy Grail and the film Amadeus. And an ugly old watercolor doodle that appropriately fits in with the rest of this crap. Surely you didn’t expect diamonds every day? Enjoy, friends!


Maggots in the meat
wine is corked, milk expired
well is running dry
Like guitar solos
mid-opera, or Mozart told
he’d too many notes
Rapists rule the day
fisting the halls of justice
SHE can’t stop screaming
Poison our water
murder hibernating bears
Nature’s Threnody
Bring out your dead, I
don’t want to go on the cart
I’ll go for a walk
Bloody Mary bar
swords of celery and bacon
weekend mutiny

–Words and image Radiant Spleen 2018, more spleen than radiance today

About radiantspleen

The dark side of enlightenment, the light side of endarkenment.
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2 Responses to Haiku a Day #24

  1. loristory says:

    Radiant spleen is a great name. And as it happens, I just watched Holy Grail last night for the first time!

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