Haiku a Day #15 (Half-way there!)

Our hair recedes like
rain forests, earth’s lungs.  We grieve
every precious strand


Lung Tree

I thought it would be clever to doodle out a quick tree that looked like a set of lungs. How unique. Not! When I make something, I google-image (sometimes before, sometimes after) to see if there’s much out there like my idea, and derp. . .there is nothing more cliche I’ve ever found than Trees=Lungs. My amateurish “lung tree” is one of the most cliche things I’ve ever done, but I shared it because it is true. It was what I had today. That was my “big idea.”

Correlating the idea of being more concerned with one’s receding hairline than the receding rain forests is, though, perhaps unique. Or not. I don’t know. I suspect it’s true. But this thought:

The Tree/lung image is so ubiquitous because that is what a tree actually is. An external lung on a stick. Our own lungs air passages LOOK like a tree. Because all life on this planet evolved from the same basic ingredients (unless, of course, you believe Jeebus sharted it all out his arse 6000 years ago, before he was Jeebus and still his own father, and 10,000 year old pyramids, what? and dinosaurs and the geological record, what?)

And the truth is, there’s not a man on earth that cares more about the receding rain forests than his own receding hairline. I’m pretty sure of this. You wanna save the planet from the ravages of patriarchal neurosis, find a healthy cure to baldness. And impotency. Am I being sexist towards men? Yep. Man-caves. Sports/war culture. “Locker room talk?” I mean, I want to feel empathy towards what my fellow “men” have been conditioned by society to try adhere too, and I do have empathy, but damn guys. I’m so grateful for the dozen or so of you I know are so over all that macho shit.

And on a related side-note, this week’s new found paranoid-delusional concern that “oh my god, a man can be accused of ANYTHING now, false accusations!” Yeah. Oh, poor Bart “the Boofer” Kavenaugh, and we all know who this guy is now. Not from Dr. Ford, but from all the fucked up lies he told in the hearing. He perjured himself, over and over, and not in just technical legal ways, or about his role in political hit jobs in the 90’s, but in things we ALL understand, like his diseased year-book entries. I can’t blame him for those things, he was 17, but I can blame him for lying about them on the cusp of his nomination to the highest court of the land, where he will get to decide what women do with their bodies, like he decided what Dr. Ford should have happen to her body without her consent.

Listen my friend, 1 out of 4 women experience sexual assault. And that’s just what is reported. Many more than that experience uninvited sexually aggressive behavior and verbal assaults. I don’t know ONE single man who has ever been falsely accused of anything. The rarity of it. . .it’s like winning the lottery, you know. Or getting struck by lightening.  It’s rare, it happens, it’s rarely ever anyone’s fault.

That the view on this thing, believing the man, or believing the woman, breaks down on partisan divides tells us one true thing. This fight is not about truth, it is about power. About maintaining the patriarchal status quo. (And of course there a LOT of women who enthusiastically and subserviently support our patriarchal rape-culture status quo. The ones whose lives feed on that system, like ticks and fleas.)

Is that not nice? Truth usually isn’t. We can’t evolve if we don’t recognize the ways in which we are fucked. Fortunately, evolution is real, and it is still happening, and this power grab/pussy grab by REPUBLICANS looks for all the world like dinosaurs thrashing in the tar pits of history. It doesn’t mean they won’t manage to hang on for another 30 years if they SNATCH the Supreme Court. But they are still sinking. Let us all band together with loving kindness and chant kumbaya as they sink, and reach out to anyone who is not hellbent on destroying decency and trust.

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