The Bad Boys (and Girls) of Yoga

Thinking yogis are a bit weird is nothing new (from humble sadahkas to spooky siddhas.) Exhibit 1, this lovely excerpt from a 14th century Indian play, these are the lines the author put into the mouth of a tantric thaumaturge:

“I don’t know mantra from tantra,
nor meditation or anything about a teacher’s grace.
Instead, I drink cheap booze and enjoy some woman.
But I sure am going to liberation, since I got the Kula Path.
What’s more,
I took some horny slut and consecrated her my “holy wife.”
Sucking up booze and wolfing down red meat,
My “Holy Alms” are whatever I like to eat,
My bed is but a piece of human skin.
Say, who wouldn’t declare this the Kaula Religion
just about the most fun you can have?”
–Translation from David Gordon White, “Sinister Yogis”


About radiantspleen

The dark side of enlightenment, the light side of endarkenment.
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