No Happiness

Hey, wait a minute? Aren’t you a yoga teacher? Isn’t the point of practicing yoga to be happy? How can you say there’s no happiness? What kind of negativity are you playing at?

I love this little strip. Why does this guy look happy when he reads that no one is happy? I love the principle that is being illustrated here. We look for happiness, so often, outside of ourselves, and it’s fleeting. It is another want, another desire, and if we don’t feel happy, we feel like something is wrong, something is missing, and it makes us the opposite: unhappy.

When this guy in the picture learns that he is the same as everyone else, he looks. . .happy? I would say, content. Because he realizes he is as he should be, and that it is ok.

The second limb of Yoga is Niyama, or “personal observances.” One of those five observances is Samtosha, or contentment. The practice of gratitude, and of developing a sense of contentment for “what is” in the moment. It is a very liberating practice. Happy and sad are like the ebb and flow of the tide, but when we let go of judgement and expectation and labels, and instead cultivate gratitude and mindfulness, it opens you to contentment, and that can only come from within, and it is always there for you.


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The dark side of enlightenment, the light side of endarkenment.
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