Why do we put lights on the Xmas Tree?

Solid lights, blinking lights, blue lights, white lights shining and flashing and brightening our holiday tree.  We string our tree,  fragrant with the pagan scent of nature,  to commemorate all the beautiful radiant souls that have been snuffed out by Christian tyranny over the last two millennia.

Scientists silenced or killed for the heresy of knowledge and progress, the thousands of women burned as witches, the non-believers tortured and killed in the 600 years of the inquisition.  The Jews slaughtered.  The Muslims slaughtered.  The native people of many nations:  slaughtered as godless heathens, as animals.  We mourn the loss of their contribution to the progress of our world.

We string our trees, we remember and honor in sparkling light all the bright stars that shone before us, put to darkness by twenty centuries of stony sleep.

Christian Atrocities

sepia xmas lights


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The dark side of enlightenment, the light side of endarkenment.
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