Chaos Hanzi Character 2

Poem Meditatively Derived From Hanzi Logograms on the Back of an Upright Tray Table While Flying Home From China:

Chaos is the quantum field
on which disordered minds attempt
to impose structures of belief
that wall hearts away
from hearts.

Feathers blown toward love’s
compassionate path will continue to drift
slowly upward on thermal currents.

Shelter from the coming storm
cannot be found in the cattle stalls
of mindless faith, but
rather in the bright center
of unburdened hearts shining radiant
light in all directions.

Lovers recline beneath spring blossoms
sipping tea, their deep cups filled
from creations source.

Without true and open
hearts, all paths divide.

But together in harmony, lovers grow
metallic wings, fly over
myriad obstacles, each upward thrust
of their wings reflecting back
compassionate flashes of sunlight
to the aching hearts that still burden below
in the traces, hypnotized by dead screens flickering
wistful dreams, scripting the highs and lows
of their weary lives.

The world is an equation
of heat lightening. Humanity’s last
empire is crumbling. Heaven is love. Love
building itself a home on this earth.

PJ Church (Radiant Spleen), 2015

About radiantspleen

The dark side of enlightenment, the light side of endarkenment.
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