Vrikshasana (a 3rd Chakra poem)

VRIKSHASANARedwood Vrikshasana

The autumn wind sings
in a minor key,
My bliss dances in the sky
like sun dappled branches
casting cool and melancholy

shadows, entangled
as the roots going down deep
into the soil to draw sustenance.

I thought something was broken
inside, how every joy and close connection
lingers with an underlying sense

of sorrow,

how bending in the wind has drained
the breath and power from my solar

or like the thin bark at the navel
had been hastily scraped away
and two kids names  carved there
in a heart.

Sap drips, hardens
in the scars, the corpses
of failed selves lie buried
deep beneath, decaying,
enriching the soil, pushing

the branches closer to the sun
to offer up flowers in the spring,
and then the rustling chorus
of brittle autumn leaves.

–Radiant Spleen©2014


About radiantspleen

The dark side of enlightenment, the light side of endarkenment.
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